Saturday, 2 June 2012

Baby Legwarmers

I asked for a sewing machine for my birthday. In March. Today completed my first sewing project (sounds impressive, doesn't it). This is proper sewing for dummies, right up my street: baby legs, made from a pair of old socks.

Baby legs are basically Legwarmers - no feet, no bum, just legs. Very cute for under a dress or skirt. The full tutorial is here:
But the jist is as follows: chop the feet off a pair of long socks (I used an old pair of my own with a hole in the toe). Then use a small tight zigzag stitch right along the very edge of the cut end, stretching it as you sew. That's it!

The sewn ends bounce back all ruffled and pretty while the top ends fit snugly round Girl's little baby thunder thighs.

I actually made a second pair which weren't quite as successful although they are mighty cute too. The ends didn't end up quite so ruffled. I think it was because the material was thicker, more like towelling socks. My old worn socks worked much better so here is a picture of them. Next stop home made debs gown (I'd better start soon!).


  1. I got a baby leg warmer at home but not as beautiful and attractive as yours in the picture. The featured photo gives me idea what shapes and patterns should be illustrated on some baby leg warmers.

  2. what a dolly she looked in them too!!

  3. I'm thinking of buying Babylegs for my little daughter but it seems like they might be easy to take off. Thoughts?

    1. My girl tends to pull at the feet of her socks and tights - these stayed on fine. Try making a pair - so cheap and quick - and see how they suit her.